Learning to Ride a Motorcycle:
What you need to know about yourself and the learning pathway you choose 
An 18 page article from VTwin Mama

There is a lot of information on the Internet about learning to ride. This article is different in that I've gathered many years of practical information and boiled it down to a thought-provoking article.  It outlines what to look for and what to consider about yourself before you begin the journey. There are many real-life tips from women who wished they had known certain things before they got started. Why not learn from them?!

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Riding Course Listings


Gearing Up
Canada's national motorcycle training program by the Canada Safety Council


Intro video on the riding portion

Motorcycle Safety Foundation
The biggest U.S. nationwide organization . . . it's a riding safety course, but they'll train a new rider


Intro video on the riding portion

Riders Edge - Harley Davidson
Use the Dealer Locater link to see what U.S. states and which U.K. cities offer a course


TRIOPS Training Group
Contact Trike Riders International to find trike-specific classes


UK CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)
The UK's regulations
A listing of approved schools



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