Hi, I'm Petra Lattmann, owner of VTwin Mama. Everyone has a story. Mine began in 1979 while stationed at a Navy base in Millington, Tenn. My own personal inspiration was a woman with an Indian motorcycle, who enjoyed the ride as well as the responsibility that goes with owning a bike. And I thought           
Why not me?
That was many years, three bikes and more miles than I could ever count ago, but the thrill is still as fresh as ever. I've had the chance to crisscross the U.S., meeting so many wonderful people along the way. Some have been veteran riders, while others are just starting out. The common denominator is that everyone could use some support.
As with life in general, problems arise. Maybe you have questions about the type of bike you are currently riding, or you're not sure what bike to choose. Or maybe you've got concerns about riding itself. On the other hand, the dedication that motorcycle riders have for their lifestyle can often present unique challenges to relationship, time and money issues. That's where VTwin Mama comes in — her advice comes from a lot of years of riding experience, embracing common sense, but delivered with a sassy voice that is both informative and fun.
The best part is when other women write in, making VTwin Mama a truly useful forum for women to share their views and insights
So join the fun. Tell us what's on your mind, or just ask a question.